Welcome to Worst Church Ever, the world’s worst progressive Christian podcast. Jesus said the first will be last, so you’ll find us in the back of the room with the kind of people Jesus spent most of his time with. Our podcast tries to deconstruct the fundamentalist and evangelical theologies that seem to dominate so much of today’s Christian discourse in America. We use the Narrative Lectionary as a general guide for the order of our episodes, but we also tend to discuss the chapters and stories in between. There are also off-topic bonus episodes about everything from Carl Sandburg to 90s CCM to how we would have written the story of the rich young ruler. We’re constantly being told “there’s no such thing as progressive Christianity” and “you’re a bunch of heretics” and all kinds of other daily affirmations.

We’re progressive Christians, and we’re aware that progressive Christianity is not monolithic. We don’t claim to represent the entirely of the tradition. We don’t pretend to have some exclusive claim on the term. We don’t think having the wrong theology means you’re going to hell. We don’t think the Bible says very much at all about homosexuality, but we know it says a hell of a lot about power and justice and solidarity with people on the margins. We don’t love being told we have to believe a certain set of things about the Bible (what it is, what it does, what it’s for) before we can encounter the the Living God. We believe the tomb’s still empty, after all.

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Quantum Gospel, Cosmic Christ

Hushed and tired tones from 1AM. Holy Ghost Coast to Coast. Quantum physics, Upanishads, Schrodinger, Eden, and Jesus… We skipped the bumper music and reached directly for the warm milk and melatonin. The snoring dogs scared away Schrodinger’s cat. https://anchor.fm/worstchurchever/embed/episodes/Bonus-Episode-5-Quantum-Gospel–Quantum-Eden-e12nhvn Many quantum theories predict that objects move from the quantum to the macro realm only…

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Ep. 10: Circumcision, Power, and Violence in Genesis 17

Who gets to put (which) skin in the game, and why does it matter? Partial transcript: Hello and Welcome to Worst Church Ever, the progressive Christian podcast that grew up down the block from Wayside School.  We like our stories sideways and our Biblical theology…subversive.  In the last episode, we talked about Sarah’s treatment of…

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